What is a superfood?

Superfoods are more than just a fancy marketing term, they are extremely good for our bodies and supply us with micronutrients that help us become our best selves. Foods high in vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fats, enzymes and minerals are all considered superfoods. All these plant foods work with your body to fight back against chronic and minor illnesses, naturally.

What are the types of superfoods?

With a country so green and full of amazing vegetation, we know there is a cure for basically anything you can think of. Right? Kind of. While you can always lean on the correct use of superfoods to cure or manage chronic, serious and mild illnesses, you must always seek the consultation of a medical professional before you decide on this route. In the interest of answering the question however, superfoods vary and span all the plant groups so nuts, oils, leafy greens and cruciferous, grains, fruit and some animal products. In Zimbabwe we have some serious powerhouses the likes of baobab, bananas, avocados, not to mention vast amounts of leafy greens and berries. 

What are the benefits of superfoods?

Superfoods are mostly known to promote good heart health and good digestion, improve energy and support weight loss efforts and slow down ageing- in addition to the usual cold and flu remedies. Superfoods also have anti-inflammatory properties, and many have been proven to help to manage chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. What’s not to love? Of course all of this has to go back to how we live, in general. Reducing stress and incorporating daily workout routines helps a great deal too. 

Where can I find superfoods?

The fresher the food, the more super it is. Sound simple? Good. The first prize for superfoods is that if you can find it locally, go for it. You have definitely passed by superfoods in you everyday shopping, you just need to know what each one does for you and begin to identify them as superfoods. For instance, did you know that a simple mango can help in regulating diabetes, cleansing the skin and in maintaining cholesterol levels? But again, ask your doctor for advice. For interest's sake, MyZimStore stocks quite a few of these, check them out.

There is no denying that superfoods need to be a major part of our daily diet. Where and how you get them however makes all the difference. Try shopping in the most convenient ways and get your food to where you need it, as fresh as if it were picked straight from the tree.

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