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The primary staple of Zimbabwean cuisine is maize/ corn and is utilized in a variety of dishes. Meals in Zimbabwe have stayed traditionally African for the most portion, however, British colonization undoubtedly left its mark. Ordinary British spices, slices of bread, sugar, and tea have become an element of daily life in Zimbabwe. 

Nowadays, Zimbabweans are starting to consume more traditional meals and declare they are healthier when they eat conventional western dishes. 

Our people are consuming their traditional meals today in the country as these are healthy. The Zimbabweans' foods don’t have much starch and carbohydrates as well as don’t have fats. Take for example the Mopani worms have three times protein content as compared to beef.

This high health concern & understood our people demand, We have begun to sell traditional & Locality grocery products worldwide. We are dedicated to delivering Zimbabweans definitive products to our people who live in Zimbabwe or outside of the country. 

5 Popular Zimbabwean Foods

Are you fond of cooking Zimbabwean foods? If you are on a tour to Zimbabwe and you think about What to eat in Zimbabwe? 

This blog is useful for travelers & all Zimbabweans who are rooted in their traditional delicious food. 

Rice Dish | Mupunga unedovi 

Mupunga unedovi is a classic African dish stemming from Zimbabwe. This easy dish is cooked with a mixture of only three ingredients: long grain rice, peanut butter, and salt. The rice is made in water until it soaks up fluid, and the peanut butter is then added to a jar along with some water.

The assortment is cooked for a few more minutes until the rice and peanut butter are combined and the rice is a little overcooked. Mupunga unedovi is usually served with various meat stews and sauces. It's also guided to eat the leftovers the next day with a cup of tea on the side. 

Cake | Chikenduza

Chikenduza is a definitive African dessert from Zimbabwe. These candy cakes are completed with a medley of flour, butter, vanilla, milk, sugar, yeast, eggs, salt, powdered sugar, and red food colouring. The dough is wadded into balls and baked in muffin tins or matching baking vessels until puffed.

Once baked, these candy cakes should be doubled the size of a muffin. The cooled cakes are crowned with a thick pink icing produced from powdered sugar, water, and food colouring

Porridge | Sadza 

Sadza is a time-honoured porridge deriving from Zimbabwe, consisting of cornmeal and water. The word sadza implies meal, and, in conformity, it can be served at any time of the day, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The cornmeal is blended with cold water until it evolves into a smooth paste, and this mix is then boiled in boiling water.

Sadza is usually served hot as a flank dish accompanying meat or vegetable stews. Best likemost combination is SADZA & Muboora stew.  

Interestingly, sadza is one of the foremost foods offered to babies in Zimbabwe

Porridge | Bota

This is a porridge that is flavored with peanut butter, milk, butter or jam and is traditionally eaten for breakfast.

Pumpkin Leaves | Muboora

Muboora is a conventional African dish from Zimbabwe. It's made with an assortment of pumpkin leaves, oil, tomatoes, onions, salt, and soda bicarbonate. The pumpkin leaves must be cleaned to remove soli. They are steamed in a pot loaded with boiling water with all other ingredients until onions and tomatoes are fully cooked.

Once accomplished, muboora is typically plated as it is or with sadza and enjoyed on the side. Optionally, any cream can be added to the dish, and there is also a version called muboora une dovi that's driven with the addition of peanut butter. 

Stew | Dovi 

Dovi is a customary peanut stew from Zimbabwe made with crushed peanuts, garlic, onions, okra, vegetables such as carrots or potatoes, and stock or other liquids. The dish can be made with or without meat, typically chicken, goat, or lamb. It is recommended to pair it with sadza (cornmeal and water), rice, or mashed potatoes on the side. 

Interesting Fact: Portuguese traders carried peanut crops into Zimbabwe during the 16th century, as an outcome, it has evolved into a vital ingredient in many plates. Today, Dovi is a traditional peanut butter stew with meat or vegetables.

Other Zimbabwe Popular dishes

  • Nhedzi: This is a soup made with wild mushrooms. 
  • Mapopo candy: Papaya is one of the leading crops in Zimbabwe and so the locals create it into candy. Papaya is cooked in and dusted with sugar to complete a sweet treat.