12 Tips shopping smart for groceries

Here, I will be trying to help how the grocery buying task becomes simple and easy. You can follow the below tips and share your experience with us. 

  1. Plan Ahead. Making sure your fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy foods you enjoy begins well before you step into the grocery store. 
  2. Make a shopping list and stick to it. 
  3. Eat Before You Go. 
  4. Check for supermarket specials.
  5. Read the Labels. 
  6. Consider Canned and Frozen Options. 
  7. Buy in Bulk. 
  8. Budget Wisely.
  9. Stock up on staples when they go on sale.
  10. Plan Your Meals for the Week Based on What's on Sale.
  11. Know the Sales Cycle and Stock Up When Things Are on Sale.
  12. Find Coupons Before You Go to the Store. 

Top 3 Best Grocery List buy by Zimbabwe compiled by many families daily. 

Grocery List 1:

Grocery list 2:

Grocery list 3:

Rice white Mahatma Rice Rice
White Star Mealie meal Mealie meal Mealie meal
Brown Sugar Sugar-brown Sugar-brown
Flour Cooking oil Cooking oil
Cooking oil Salt  
Cremora Bath soap Bread
Fresh milk Washing soap bars Margarine
Teabags Vaseline Lotion Rooibos Teabags
Coffee Rooibos Teabags  
Sunlight Liquid Sunlight Washing powder Salt
Bathing soap Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid Bath soap
Soft drinks Domestos Washing soap bars
Beers castle lite Handy Andy Nivea Lotion
Hunters Gold 1 Case Aquafresh Toothpaste Fabric softener
Richelien Brandy Mazoe Domestos
Amarula Assorted Drinks Handy Andy
J and B Brandy and Bells Beef Washing powder
Biscuits Chickens Dishwashing Liquid
Sweets Personal Care Colgate Toothpaste
Macaroni   Mazoe
Tomato sauce   Assorted Drinks
Beef and onion soup box Bread Beef
Raja all in one Margarine Chickens
Salad cream   Pork
Brown Bread / White Bread Vegetables  Onions
Jam mixed fruit Onions  
Stock Margarine Tomatoes  
Washing powder    
Beef chuck    
Baked Beans    
Tomatoes and Onions   Tomatoes


Grocery List 1: Grocery list 2: Grocery list 3:
Pantry & cupboards    
Better Buy Roller Meal Mahatma Brown Rice Rice
ProBands Rice white Mealie meal Mealie meal
Gloria Self Raising Flour Better Buy Cooking oil Cooking oil Blend
D'lite Cooking oil Large Cupboard Essentials Box Essential Box Medium size
Baked Beans    
Teabags Rooibos Teabags Rooibos Teabags
Coffee Mazoe Mazoe
Soft drinks Assorted Drinks Assorted Drinks
Beers castle lite    
Hunters Gold 1 Case    
Richelien Brandy    
J and B Brandy and Bells    
Dairy & Bakery    
Fresh milk Bread Bread
Cremora Margarine Margarine
Amarula Milk Powder  
Brown Bread / White Bread    
Jam mixed fruit    
Stock Margarine    
Salad cream    
Protein Source    
Beef and Chicken Box Beef Beef
Eggs Chicken box Butchers Value Box
Chicken   Pork
Steak Lovers Box   Surf N Turf
Sugar Brown Sugar Brown Sugar
Salt Salt Salt
Raja all in one Madras Hot Curry Powder Madras Curry Powder Mild
Sauce Robertsons Ground Ginger  
Seasonal Vegetable Box Cherry Tomatoes Tomatoes
English Cucumber Red Onions Brown Onions
Potatoes Carrots Iceberg Lettuce
Whole Broccolli   Beetroot
    Seasonal Fruit Box
Biscuits Cairns Thingz Small Proton Crunchy Cookies
Sweets Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Slab Willards Chicken Flings
Probrands Macaroni Better Buy Spaghetti Probrands Spaghetti
Personal care    
Jade Bath Soap White Bathing soap Nivea Lotion
Bathing soap Vaseline Lotion Colgate Toothpaste
  Aquafresh Toothpaste Bath soap
Household products    
Sunlight Dishwash Liquid Washing soap bars Washing soap bars
Boom Washing powder Washing powder Washing powder
Others Fabric softener Fabric softener
Charcoal Sunlight Washing powder Dishwashing Liquid
Matches Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid Domestos
Firelighters Domestos Handy Andy
  Handy Andy  


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